Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Human Strolling Christmas Tree

Human Strolling Christmas Tree

More Holiday Dolls for Holiday and it's never too early to book your Holiday entertainment. This year do something really unique and book our Human Strolling Christmas tree that can roll through the party & pass out gift bags, pose for photos. See more at our web site www.tributeproductions.com Human Strolling Christmas Tree by Tribute Productions Talent & Entertainment #humantree #strollingchristmastree #hu

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Giant Snow Globes for the Holiday's

Giant Snow Globes for the Holiday's

It's time to start thinking about the Holidays and Holiday parties. Bella's Dolls have many new unique and beautiful new entertainment options to create a magical and elegant visual treat to any Holiday Event!
Check out our new DOLLS IN BALLS beautiful life size giant Snow Globes. We can offer Sugar Plum Fairy, Ethereal LED light Angel, Butterfly Girl, Bellhop Girl and so many other beautiful costume options.
Make sure to check our sister site www.tributeproductions.com for more information
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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Intel Branded Event With Bella’s Dolls

Bella’s Champagne Dolls is always proud to offer great branding services to all of our clients. One of our most recent experiences is one that’s worth sharing. It’s a testament to how challenging the work of being a brand ambassador can be at times. It’s also a testament to how much we love our clients!

Intel called us looking for 25 costumed and branded candy girls, complete with custom branded trays for an event. The deadline was tight- we had less than 24 hours to get the custom costuming materials and just 9 days to pull all of the branding together. This is a feat that would be challenging for any company. Through the challenge, we pulled it off! The even better news is that Intel LOVED everything that we did!

Intel has trusted us not once but twice with a tight deadline in getting candy girls together for specific events, including an exclusive Academy Awards party. The Dolby Theater personnel were even impressed, saying that our girls were among the best that they had ever seen.

Bella’s Champagne Dolls make great branding ambassadors for any event. Our girls are the people that you can trust with your reputation. From celebrity parties to acting as awards show models, we have covered many types of entertainment events and can be trusted to be there for you!

Life Size Props Can Bring Your Brand To Life

If you are gearing up to promote a new big release or are in the process of rebranding, this post is for you. Bella’s Champagne Dolls provide life size props. Our dolls become your brand at any event. Your brand is literally brought to life with our dolls. For every event, we produce custom-made costumes. These costumes allow our brand ambassadors to represent your company in the most unique way.

The best part about these life size props is that no matter what you sell or who you are, this marketing technique will work for you. There’s nothing better for your potential customers than to see your brand in action. The idea behind life size props is that people get the whole picture of what your brand is about and the message your brand aims to give.

Let’s say you sell a new kind of bottled water. The bottle may speak for itself to an extent, however, a life size prop goes so much further at an event launch. If you want people to know that your water is fresh, clean and aimed towards those who love adventure, they may not receive that message from a simple label. When you launch the product, brand ambassadors, complete with custom costumes, can help to deliver that message. Once your brand is established, the possibilities are endless. We understand that hiring brand ambassadors is just one piece of the branding process, but we promise that it’s incredibly helpful!

Bella’s Champagne Dolls plan each event carefully and do absolutely everything to represent your brand to its highest potential. Contact us for brand ambassador representation at your next big event!