Thursday, June 30, 2016

Here's Why Champagne is So Romantic

Champagne is a fantastic drink to have at parties and special events. It symbolizes something special. Sparkling wine has been a part of celebrations since at least the time of the French Revolution. But what is it exactly that makes champagne so romantic and celebratory? Here, we'll break down why you'll never want to throw another special event without champagne (or a champagne doll!) 

The Bubbles 
Scientifically speaking, the bubbles are in fact what makes champagne so special. Did you know that when you “pop a cork” it has the ability to erupt at speeds of up to 60 MPH? That could do some serious damage! All that risk is in the name of love and celebration. The bubbles in champagne carry aromas directly to the nose, which is what makes champagne so alluring. 

That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling 
Studies have shown that champagne actually causes blood alcohol levels to rise faster than other kinds of alcoholic beverages. It's true that champagne really can bring a new level of excitement to your next celebration! A little bit of champagne goes a long way. 

Champagne Dolls 
Here at Mrs. Bella's Champagne Dolls, we provide the classiest of girls to attend your party or event to pass around the champagne. We know that champagne brings a level of class to any event that can't be beat. Enjoy old Hollywood style at your next event along with champagne! Meet our girls and you'll never celebrate the same way again!

Your Guide To Vintage Hollywood

Here at Bella's Champagne Dolls, each and every one of our costumes are created just for our girls. You will not find anything similar to our costumes anywhere else. While our vintage Hollywood costumes emulate classic old Hollywood styles, ours are originals to be used for our show girls. Here's we'll look at the influencing factors of vintage Hollywood. 

Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn are shining icons when we think of "vintage Hollywood." Their styles were in fact contagious. In thinking about the style of this time, there's a few key factors that set this style apart. It was very much about highlighting a woman's attractive features and bringing out individuality in every woman. In fact, people are still using this style as a guide to this day due to its simplicity and allure. 

Risqué outfits in the the present day would have never made it in the 1940's. If you think of a cigarette girl, for example, they would dress much less conservatively than was typically acceptable in that time. Yet, their dress would be no match for something seen at an awards show today. Stilettos, strapless tops and poof skirts are all key parts of the look. Think elegant. Makeup for vintage Hollywood looks ranges from a natural vibe to the glam of cigarette girls with red lips and big lashes.

Bella's Champagne Dolls take old Hollywood to the next level of course, with strolling tables and red carpet glam. Our Champagne girls are ready for any special occasion. Take a peek around our site and check out all of our beautiful vintage Hollywood costumes.

Where Did Cigarette Girls Originate?

A "cigarette girl" refers to, in American and European culture, a person that sells cigarettes from a tray attached by a neck strap. These girls may also carry cigars and other novelty items like candy, roses, snacks, chewing gum and lighted jewelry. Let's face it, nothing goes better with a champagne girl in a giant champagne glass than a cigarette girl!

Uniform For Cigarette Girls

The most common dress for a cigarette girl is a red and black short style skirt which comes above the knee. The dress is accompanied by a matching pill box. Many of these come in different colors and styles.

Cigarette girls can also be referred to as "candy girls". This term is used since these women are often seen as "eye candy." At one time they were employed to flirt with male customers in the hopes of receiving tips from wealthy businessmen.      

A more modern image of the cigarette girl came to be in the 1920's with the urbanization of America. Cigarette girls were frequently seen in Hollywood films and became a known symbol in the public.

Cigarette Girls In The Present Day

Cigarette girls became common in restaurants, clubs, bars, airports and casinos by the 1940's. Cigarette girls can even still be found today in Las Vegas casinos. Bella's Champagne Dolls can bring old Hollywood cigarette girls to your next Los Angeles event. Contact us today to learn more about our authentic cigarette girls! Your event will be sparkling with old Hollywood charm as our cigarette girls work alongside our champagne dolls for an evening filled with authentic old Hollywood charm.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Right Music Style To Suit Champagne and Cigarette Girls At Your Event

The Right Music Style To Suit Champagne and Cigarette Girls At Your Event 

Champagne, cigarette and candy girls for hire came to rise right around the time of the great economic depression in the United States. The rest of the world also felt the crush of the great stock market crash of 1929. People needed activities to help lift their spirits and bring them away from the world for a while. This tragedy actually brought a lot of great entertainment to the era. This was an era of radio, so there was a lot of fun music to listen to as well. Famous performers of the 1930s were stars like Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Shirley Temple, Fred Astaire and Ethel Waters. These are some of the most recognizable names in entertainment to this day. 

Popular singers in the 1930s revolved around the swing era and big band. It was out of this era that a dance called the jitterbug was born. Swing dancing went along well with big band jazz. These bands included instruments like trumpets, trombones, saxophones and of course drums. If you have ever seen swing dancing you know it’s pretty wild! Band leaders at this time were also legendary figures. These include names like Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw and Duke Ellington. Many of the major recording artists of this era got their start with a big band. 

If you’re looking for a great music to go along with your next theme party event, we hope we have given you some good ideas. Remember that Bella’s Champagne Dolls is the source for all old Hollywood entertainment styles!

Happy Girls are the prettiest (Pin -Up) Girls!!

Happy Girls are the prettiest Girls!!

 When I was a little girl, my Daddy would always take note of what I would tell him with "honey you can think about that in a different way". I had no idea what he was talking about but he was always so concerned for me to look at my life experiences through the eyes of positive thinking. How lucky I was to have him show me by example when I was barely 9 or 10 years old how to shift my perception of any crappy life situation (or what I perceived to be).  Dad would say "you can choose to feel like something bad is happening to you, or you can choose to get the lesson". Wow how grateful I am today to have such a wise and insightful Daddy-O to guide what would be my life understandings for the rest of my life!
 Happiness doesn't happen by chance. Either consciously or unconsciously, happy people choose to be happy. By their perception of life circumstances and either feeling like the victim or (as dad said) "see the lessons in it". 
So before your life speeds by too quickly, get up, get out, be like a child and play, challenge your fears, laugh out loud, run barefoot in the grass, forgive, let go, shift from victim thinking to gratitude, try something new, be yourself (everyone else is taken), be brave enough to show who you really are inside out, love often, kiss often, and simply try to make the choice of happiness in life.
And as my dear daddy would tell me " remember even the prettiest of pin up girls are the most beautiful when they are happy human beings"

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” —Abraham Lincoln

Getting glam cruelty free!

Getting glam cruelty free!

We love lip stick and nail polish but always want to make sure they are cruelty free products. Here is a compiled list of cosmetic lines that support animal friendly products.
Today's glamor girls can get their beauty on without harming their beloved animal friends. For more detailed listings please check out;

  • hourglass
  • too faced
  • illamasqua
  • anastasia beverly hills
  • kat von d
  • becca
  • charlotte tilbury
  • josie maran
  • coverfx
  • occ
  • thebalm
  • bite
  • face atelier
  • it cosmetics
  • perfekt
  • nudestix
  • blinc
  • cargo
  • duwop
  • eyeko
  • ardency inn
  • edward bess
  • korres
  • catrice
  • chantecaille
  • ellis faas
  • by terry
  • rouge bunny rouge

  • elf
  • hard candy
  • milani
  • physicians formula
  • sonia kashuk
  • wetnwild
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  • flower
  • jane
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  • mineral fusion
  • essence
  • gosh
  • marcelle
  • annabelle
  • w3ll people
  • rms beauty
  • ilia
  • kjaer weis
  • vapour
  • red apple lipstick
  • jane iredale
  • 100% pure
  • sappho
  • au naturale
  • alima pure
  • everyday minerals

  • pur minerals
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  • antonym
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  • cailyn cosmetics
  • Sugar Venom
  • christopher drummond
  • silk naturals
  • fairy girl
  • afk cosmetics
  • pumpkin and poppy
  • shiro

Why we choose to give back

Why we choose to give back


 As we prepare for this weekend's very important fund raiser, we want to take a moment to reflect on the importance of "giving back" and our dedication as a Talent Agency that truly cares about our community and as performers who realize the gifts we have been blessed with. We hope we inspire you to think of your own unique ways to "give back".
As the owner of both Tribute Productions Talent and Mrs. Bella's Dolls, I do get many requests to donate our talents. Since 1983 I have been dedicated to charity foundations that support the wellness of children, animal welfare, and in music and dance therapy for the elderly. I advocate it for myself as well as my performing family (husband and daughter).

We will be at THE GATSBY GALA this weekend to raise funds for THE BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB raising funds to keep THE ARTS available for these beautiful young minds.
I know how ART changed my life and am excited to have our entertainment at this important event.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A living interactive extension of your brand.

A living interactive extension of your brand.

Mrs. Bella's Dolls have been called to represent some of the biggest names in the beauty and entertainment industry representing some major names like RIMMEL, MTV, GWEN STEFANI and SONY PICTURES to name a few. Mrs. Bella has in depth conversations with each and every client to find out specific needs to help bring the brand to life and give her clients an interactive opportunity to watch their logos and branding come to life.
Custom costuming and interactive brand ambassador models will bring the biggest names to life and give guests an opportunity to engage, interact and enjoy the brand on a whole new, living experience. Would you like Bella to give your brand a whole new living interactive experience for your potential clients and customers? Email her today to bring your brand to life!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

1920s champagne showgirls

Classic 1920s style showgirl Dolls tonight at Casa Del Mar we love Dolling up Old Hollywood Theme weddings to make an unforgettable experience for all! ‪#‎1920sshowgirls‬ ‪#‎oldholywood‬ ‪#‎vintagewedding‬ ‪#‎retro‬ ‪#‎mrsbellasdolls‬

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Champagne Showgirls tonight

This was the "inspiration" for tonight's Cigar Girl booking at Matteis Tavern in Los Olivos, and while we can't mention who our fabulous client is, we can mention Cigarette Girls & Candy Girls by Mrs. Bella's Dolls will make it a night to remember! #cigarettegirls #cigargirls #mrsbellasdolls #candygirls #seamedstockings #cigars #trays #santabarbara #hollywood

Saturday, June 11, 2016

1920s showgirls

Cigarette Girls & Candy Girls by Mrs. Bella's Dolls are teaming up with Bella's Dancin Dolls to bring The Great Gatsby to a 1920's theme party tonight! time to roll the stockings down and get ready to DOLL UP! #mrsbellasdolls #1920s #flapperdancers #1920sshow #candygirls #cigarettegirls #talentbooking

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dolling Up the weekend

Bella's Dolls are getting ready for the weekend event bookings. We hope yours is as sparklie and with friends you adore! #mrsbellasdolls #champagnedolls #candygirls #flappers #danceshow #dancers #greatgatsby #rehearsals #feathers #1930sshowgirls