Monday, June 19, 2017

Bella's Dolls + Kat Von D

When being a creative person working in a bustling business savvy world, it is most important to have a clear idea on what is important, what your brand stands for and to stay authentic to the brand you have built.  Sometimes it is easy to feel motivated to book a job (or sell a product) by how large the outcome will be. Perhaps the client has a big budget but not exactly "in line" with who we are as a brand. Some times client will dangle the "great exposure" carrot or "there will be lots of celebrity presence" as a result of our work together.
Maybe the client wants us to sell something that is completely against who we morally -
In the age of social media rankings, popularity on a IMBD page, or how many "likes" a post has received- it can seem all too easy to slip away into the darkness of soulless branding.
If you are running your own business or working for another, chances are this has happened to you.
How can one stay upbeat about going to work, or working hard for themselves and still making an income?

There is nothing better in your work than to connect with other like-minded business partners to bring your brands to life knowing that both your integrity and personal beliefs can unite into one blissful business venture. One brand inspires the other and new possibilities are boundless.

Sure we all want to make money, and it is not always easy to turn down a client who is ready to make a deal but when your intentions get compromised for the sake of the sell- then is that truly a happy success?! Most millionaires will tell you that chasing money was not always the thing that satisfied.

When we are able to shine being authentic as to who we are on the inside- then everything on the outside will shine even brighter-
Be you- there is only one of you and this ride of life goes quickly-
Your business and your brand are a facet of who you are, what you believe and what you want to add to this world- so when you are thinking about how to sell your product- think about how you can do that with others of  like minds-you will be amazed how things will unfold with grace and ease.

When we get calls from amazing clients like KAT VON D to represent her new line of all vegan cosmetics with lots of pin up brassiness yet highlighting our brand of pin up classiness- then it is a WIN-WIN! #branding #tributeproductions #mrsbellasdolls #katvond #vegan #likeminds #authenticself #sinnersandsaints #noanimaltesting #crueltyfree #models #brandambassadors #pinupgirls #dancers

Mrs. Bella's Dolls are thrilled to be dolling up a private event for repeat (and awesome) client KAT VON D at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel representing SINNERS AND SAINTS all new vegan line of fragrance -

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Champagne Dolls last night

We had so much fun down in lovely Laguna Beach last night with our Champagne Skirt for an Indian wedding with so many beautiful colors and vibrant guests- we just love our job!!
#champagnedress #indianwedding #champagneskirt #cagedskirt

Bella's Dolls for Alzheimer's Los Angeles

Super excited and honored to be asked back to this very special Event tonight with Cigarette Girls & Candy Girls by Mrs. Bella's Dolls- we are ready to #dollup! #mrsbellasdolls #candygirls #cigarettegirls #models #pinupgirls #brandedtrays #alzheimerslosangeles #agreatcause #givefromtheheart #jenniferholiday #broadway #broadwaysinger

Friday, May 5, 2017

Harlem 1920s Party tonight!

1920’s Harlem tonight Bella’s Gatsby girls

Tonight we will be Dolling up old glam Harlem nights style with our beautiful Miss Gorgeous Georgette -who client specifically requested for her 1920s theme party.
We will be bringing the glitz and glamour of course and then serving it up Mrs. Bella’s Dolls style all night long!! it’s what we do best!
We are so excited for a very busy Doll weekend starting tonight!!
Let the parties begin! #mrsbellasdolls #harlemnights #1920stheme #glamor #candygirls #harlem #flappers #girlswithtrays #dancers
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Karma Cars and Champagne Skirts!

Karma Cars & Champagne dresses!!

Saturday night and we are ready to bring on the glam and Doll up TWO private events tonight!
Our 1st stop; the luxury KARMA CARS Event with our beautiful “California Dolls” with branded costuming- what would be better than having your own personal information on our beautiful models!?
2nd stop; Beautiful Laguna Beach with our amazing Champagne Dress that will stroll through the night making sure everyone has a glass of bubbly- Mrs. Bella’s style!!
It’s a Doll weekend and we can’t wait to make it an unforgettable one!!
Book the best! #mrsbellasdolls #champagnedress #brandedcostumes #brandedtrays #champagnedolls #tributeproductions #karmacars #californiagirls
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Friday, April 21, 2017

Feather fan Dollies tonight Great Gatsby

Hi Bella! That's great to hear! Yea, the videos really made us fall in love with their charm and want to do a bit more for them if we could. :) I would say 4pm or after is safe as far as flights out of Oakland (OAK),  that allows for travel, grabbing lunch, and packing up and all that.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

3 events with Champagne Dolls no April fools!

Tonight is no April Fool!! with three completely different themes and events we have Hollywood covered!!
Roll out the red carpet for our modern day celebrity lookalikes for day 2 with #alfeck
then off to the lovely Cicada Club with our strolling champagne skirts and carousal performer for a circus theme, and finally our dancers will be rocking a bat mitzvah STAR WARS style to make a lasting impression with choreography like no other!!
Just another day in the life for us at Tribute Productions Talent & Entertainment
#3bookings #circustheme #champagnedress #carousal #carousalperformer #ladyonahorse #starwarstheme #dancers #choreography #showgirls #champagneskirt

Champagne Dolls in Balls at the Dolby

We had a wonderful time last night bringing Hollywood to The Dolby Theater with our celebrity lookalikes, bellhops, showgirls, dancers, and beautiful ballerina in a bubble-
Darley Awards 2017 with Tribute Productions Talent and Mrs Bella's Dolls
#celebritylookalikes #LED #redcarpet #angelinajolie #georgeclooney #jacknicholson #bellhops #tombraider #paparazzi #newslady #darleyawards #thedolbytheater #champagnedolls #ballerinainabubble #dollsinballs #dancerinbubble #ledlights #LEDcostume #orb #giantbubble

Friday, March 24, 2017

Marilyn Monroe champagne table dress tonight

Talk about bringing the bubbly!! our beautiful Marilyn Monroe lookalike will be performing in our human strolling table tonight bringing all the glam and sparkle to a Casino theme night - we love to surprise our guests with extra glamour girl fun!! #humantable #marilynmonroehumantable #champagnetable #LED #LEDstrollinghumantable #champagnedress #casinotheme #casinonight #elvisandmarilyn #hollywoodtheme
#lookalikes #TGIF #partytime #tributeproductions

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day 1 at The Hilton

It's day 1 for us at the lovely Hilton Anaheim. We are excited and looking forward to bringing "Hollywood" to the folks of Sopruma for the next 3 days & nights!! Happy Saturday friends! #tributeproductions #celebritylookalikes #rockandrolltheme #bodyguards #oldhollywood #sophialorenlookalike #marilynmonroelookalike #liztaylorlookalike #privateevent #candygirls #models #beauty #oldglamour #icons

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Havana nights tonight for City of Hope

Getting our cha-cha on tonight with our beautiful Dancin Dolls who will be dancing and serving it up with the vocals of Irby Gascon for a Havana night theme for our wonderful repeat clients CITY OF HOPE 
Did you know you can request any song style, and theme for our shows and we will customize our performances to match your theme event & decor- we love creating a perfect match for each and every event booking #havananights #latintheme #crooner #singer #dancers #corporateevent #entertainment #champagnegirls #cityofhope #cigargirls #tributeproductions #mrsbellasdolls #chacha #congas #livemusic #livesinging

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Gentlemen prefer blondes

Gentlemen prefer blondes Dolls

Do you love classic Hollywood films and starlet icons like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Russel? so did our adorable client from last weekends event at The Jonathan Club. Not only did we feature Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Russel but we had our famous Champagne Girls in rolling champagne dresses, we had our iconic Candy Girls as usherettes handing out chocolate cigars, candy cigarettes and long cigarette holders. The classic Big Band sounds of Irby Gascon as Frank Sinatra and a surprise visit from Dino himself!  and we loved performing these iconic characters for them and their guests even more!!
See more Marilyn, Jayne, Big Band Shows, Champagne Dolls, Candy Girls at let us bring you back to the Golden age of glamor!
#gentlemenpreferblondes #marilynmonroelookalike #jaynerusselimpersonator #franksinatrashow #ratpak #bigband #champagnedress #strollingchampagneskirt #usherette #candygirl #oldhollywood #privateevent #jonathanclub #tributeproductions #mrsbellasdolls

See Bella in Up and Coming magazine

Here is the link to a recent feature…/ enjoy #upandcoming #johnnymurphyphotography #denisebellavlasis #tributeproductions #agent #actress